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You can be part of other teams if you like.  I just want to make sure we get SOME people into old school games to represent here.  Heck, if you like new stuff also, check in to.  But, if you have a fondness for coin-ops, speak up here.   I don't care to be team captain either.  Maybe can play a round of Asteroids, with high score becoming retro emperor or something.

Edit: Until there is an official forum to discuss retro videogame stuff on here, it was suggested to morph this thread into one as an official retro games thread.  So, here it is.  Idea of Team Retro can also be discussed here:


That thread is for pushing to get a retro games forum on here, with a poll.  If you want to have a retro game forum onVGChartz, go there and vote YES.