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toadslayer72 said:
Proclus said:
toadslayer72 said:
Damn, I came into this thinking Kowen easily but the sales2099 pitch is making it tough, a lot of experience and we share the same never owned a Playstation anything blood. Although I have to ask sales, what if this becomes too demanding, are you just gonna bail?
If Seece was still around I'd go with him (I actually miss him a bit).

Same :(

Yeah, Seece was usually on point and I like the way he handled things, most of the time. I gotta believe that he at least lurks from time to time. 


So I'm quite sure I understand this team thing. Is this just for people who wanna represent or do you have to be a real active member that is posting all over and creating a lot of threads? If it's the former then put me down if you want.

you dont have to be active members but Im hoping they are.  I just thought it would be something fun to do going into the next gen.  You know like Kaz mania?  But this time we will all have our own teams and represent one of them.  As you can see we have a lot of multiplatform people in here too so it doesnt man you have to be a fanboy either lol