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No question that MH2 has done really well. I think the initial shipment was 500k, so it has sold out completely. Without trying to sound negative, I wonder if they scored a LOT of their total sales on this day - as gamers have obviously been REALLY looking forward to it. Will see if the sales stay strong (i.e. if it can stay in the charts), and hit the million mark in a month (as it should). (I also hope this convinces Capcom to bring MH to other platforms - DS & Wii??) Fire Emblem did ok - I was surprised to read (IGN) that it really is JUST a GC game. No widescreen, no Wii features at all. Its sales are roughly in line with previous Fire Emblem titles (70k-80k for the week). Will boost Wii sales. ... I have to say its amusing to see a DC title sell as much as Crackdown on release :)

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