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This thread has been a while in the making. I've been thinking up ideas regarding Sony's PS4 direction and writing them down, and felt that this was a good opportunity to post one.

The face of PS4.

Specifically, this thread is going to focus on the "theme" of playstation. Think something similar to 3DS' Street Pass feature and you'll have a rough idea what I'm talking overarcing functionality that contributes to the theme of the console.

The idea I'm talking about, is LittleBigPlanet.

LBP is a unique IP in that it allows users to play against or with each other in a variety of activities. On its own, it is not a 'great' game, but it does have a lot of personality and potential as an overarcing console theme.

Allow me to highlight some of the important thematic uses.
-LBP should be FREE on every PS4 (and I believe Vita as well, but that's for another thread)
-Sony needs to hire someone (one person is enough) to just sit and make skins and levels all day long. His goal below:
-Every game that is released needs to come with a custom skin, custom levels, and custom stickers. The only other way to obtain this content is to buy it on PS+ for 3.99 per pack; OR by playing people's levels to earn 'points', sort of like how League of Legends handles DLC.
-Buying DLC content for LBP needs to be extremely simple
-LBP should be the hub of the system. LBP should replace PS Home, and serve as a default navigation GUI.


ALlow me to paint the picture for you.
You launch your ps4 for the first time. It asks if you'd like the default or the simple Nav. You choose the default LBP nav.
You see the ps4 logo, screen fades to black. It fades back in again with sackboy on the screen. Above his head are different icons, and sack can use his new whip hand to select them. As he does, he pulls down hard, scrolling up slightly and displaying a new row of icons below the first. 

You also bought the new uncharted 4 with the ps4 so you select that one. Some LBP-esque sound effects happen and a little menu pops up LBP-style with three options "Play"; "Create"; "Share".

You're like "wtf is share?" So you click on that just to see what it is before you start the game. The game then prompts you to send an invitation to a friend online. This friend is then invited to watch you play, and is sent a demo. For some games, this option will even let him/her play the game with you without him or herself owning a physical copy of the game.

So, you're thinking, well, that's cool, but I just want to crack into this thing. You go to "play". Sack pops up and asks if you want to just check out the new content, and he highlights the create option. You're like "well that's kinda different, whatever let's see what it is". A new menu pops up with all the new dlc content for the game you just bought. You got a Nathan Drake skin, a level called High Anxiety that looks like a run across unstable mountainous platforms, judging by the screen-capped map thumbnail...and you got some stickers. Sack asks if you want to download all of this in background while you play. You say "sure" and then start your game.

Months later, your collection of levels and skins is huge and your sackboy is a mix of Ryu Hyabusa and spyro...and what's this? You see a few other sackboys hanging out. One of them is running around! He's in his xmb right NAO! That's right, you friended him a few days ago. You immediately rush up to him and.....smack him in the face knocking him down. You initiate voice chat or text and ask if he wants to play something. The rest is history.


What do you think?