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happydolphin said:
amp316 said:
I don't feel ripped off paying full price for New Super Mario Bros U. Have you played it? The game is awesome and some of the challenges are borderline impossible. I could see putting many hours into that game.

Sadly I don't own the U yet.

Wyrdness said:
Do you not know how to read Dolphin try again, the was no comparison to 3D Mario Nintendo thought 3D Mario was going to replace 2D and they were wrong that's why no 2D Mario was made until NSMB not because of any decline.

Please don't insult, it's not necessary. You mentioned that they thought 3D Mario was the way to go and sales of 2D and 3D Mario compared say it wasn't, but I was telling you why using NSMB sales is not a fair measure due to pent up demand.

Spazzy_D said:

I'm at work and don't have time to compile all the SF numbers becuase of all the platforms and versions of the games, but I'll do it later unless someone beats me to it.  A Series isn't in decline if it sells more versions then the pervious instlallment, it just means one game in the series (SMB) is an outlier, since The Lost Levels < SMB2 < SMB3 < SMW.  You also have to take the userbase into consideration when looking at those numbers.

You're analogies are all really weak.  You compared over pricing NSMB games to over pricing the PS3.  The PS3 actually had a lot of value for the price (Blue Ray player) but still sold horribley.  In addition it wasn't the stigma of the price that hurt it as much as the price itslef.

It would be better to compare it to the 3DS launch.  Still a stretch, but the similiarity is that both could afford the price cut.  If it doesn't cost much for Nintendo to make the game, and it doesn't sell, they can drop the price and people will start buying it.  Like the 3DS.

Anyway, I have to work.

Ok, all the best at work and I'll be here when you get the info. I'll try to get it myself too.


No I will call you out if you try to sidestep with an irrelevant comment don't like it then too bad the basic politician side stepping doesn't refrain from the point, you're mentioning sales because you're pre-emptively trying to dig yourself out of a hole with the decline comment because it proves you wrong full stop. Nintendo never made a 2D Mario because of the expectations that 3D would fully replace it but realized the experience was not the same and it's own unique branch of the series not because of decline like you claim, the fact that you're now trying to down play sales when I haven't even mentioned them is even more amusing because you've realize the flaw in your comment and have improvised some rubbish argument about pent up demand when all it is is that Nintendo misjudged the situation and 3D Mario cators to a different group entirely then the 2D serie's userbase.