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painmaster212 said:
I have a big collection myself but the only reason mine falls short of yours is because i want everything boxed and in great shape so i have to pay more for each game sadly :( and i dont display my non boxed stuff unless it goes with a theme, such as my snes games i have roughly 200 of these non boxed sitting in a crate in my closet and nearly 100 nes game as well in the same crate lol

Boxed stuff just appeals to me so much more for some odd reason.


I do unstand that there are some who love to collect only boxed games. For me it doesn't make sense how a game is worth 4 times more when it comes with a cardboard box and instructions. That's the reason why I took all my Nes, Snes, N64 and GBA box and instruction and sold them on ebay. I got $45 for only the box and instruction Chrono Trigger.