HoloDust said:
ethomaz said:

Digital Foundry article...


320:16:8 - Similar to HD 4650/4670.

I love how they call it similar to 4650, a 320:32:8 card built on 55nm...instead of comparing it to 5550, which has 320:16:8 GPU built on 40nm, just like WiiU is believed (at the moment) to have, and at exact same clock (550MHz).

Well it is Digital Foundry/Eurogamer.net which is well known to have mostly antagonistic view of Nintendo systems and games.  After seeing all the data, the Wii U is so customized that no one can say for sure how powerful the GPU and CPU really would be.  It's just typical Nintendo, and I am just gonna let the next set of games speak for themselves regarding this.