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"Well considering that with any electronic product, when a new product comes out the older ones fade from the consumers eye and spotlight. Surely you can't argue that. Nintendo gamers have moved on, 360 gamers are eagerly awaiting the next Xbox....I assure you I will give my undivided attention to the next Xbox when it releases. That leaves only PS gamers.....internet minorities at that that will truly care. So mathmatically and given the consumer perception of product lifecycles in the capitalist electronics market, you can argue that most people won't care when PS3 passes 360 after November."

Using common sense, I at least have a basis for arguing that most gamers won't care post November. You, neglecting how the electronics market works, sidestepped that and accused me of focusing on the minority gamers.

(Edit: Also PC gamers won't care, forgot about them).

That in tiself doesn't discredit them being a statistical minority, merely accusing me of picking on them specifically. I reasoned that they are easily accessible, a sound response I think. Its easy.

I have a basis to say only a tiny minority of gamers will care post November. You don't. No further debate necessary indeed.

Again, I gave you Business Protocol 101. All you did was tell me that the majority of people will have moved on (a truth, but not the full story). Of course many gamers will have moved on, but I never argued against that, because that goes without saying. In the corporate world, though, the numbers will not be forgetten, minimized, or ignored (what I've said from the beginning). You weren't "sidestepped", you just heard the argument you wanted to hear and skipped what was relevant. You took one look at this week's numbers and decided that, by November, this will all suddenly vanish and it just doesn't work like that. Take it from a guy with an industry position, it's talked about much more than you think.

Nevertheless, the easiest way to solve this problem - agree to disagree.

Business Protocol 101? In the corporate world even fewer people will care when/if the PS3 sells more units than the 360. At least in the deep corners of the internet somewhere there will be a person here and a person there who acctually thinks it has any relevance. In the corporate world however the thing they will look at is : The PS3 lost x million dollars, the Xbox 360 made y million dollars. And that is all they will care ab

If thats the case following your it's all about profit theme, the thing the corporate world must be looking at is , the xbox lost xbillions and the xbox 360 with rrod losses taken into account means MS's game division is still deep in the red.

PS3 lost billions more from 06-09. Simply, 360 profited more this gen and PS3 lost more billions this gen.

Xbox: Best hardware, Game Pass best value, best BC, more 1st party genres and multiplayer titles.