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About $188M in 2012. Journey was #1 with just under 500k units sold.

So PSN = XBLA minus Minecraft ?

Depends really. I have no clue what this numbers includes, so maybe you can help once more Ben ?

With or without Minis, PS1, PS2, PS3, PSP, PSV games ?

XBLA = XBLA games, not including anything that is from the Indie section, or Games on Demand

PSN Games = PSN downloadable games, with a scant few titles that may be considered analogous to Games on Demand (RE4HD, Metal Gear Solid Collection, Ratchet series, Jax series). No PS1/2/Vita games. Although I could probably make an estimate for something like VII, which is probably around 600-750k sold.

As for how the data is obtained... That is classified at the moment. Probably will tell later this year.

How did you make that estimate?

Estimates based on some previous research I did on the title.

Yes but i dont understand how this research is working