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About $188M in 2012. Journey was #1 with just under 500k units sold.

So PSN = XBLA minus Minecraft ?

Depends really. I have no clue what this numbers includes, so maybe you can help once more Ben ?

With or without Minis, PS1, PS2, PS3, PSP, PSV games ?

XBLA = XBLA games, not including anything that is from the Indie section, or Games on Demand

PSN Games = PSN downloadable games, with a scant few titles that may be considered analogous to Games on Demand (RE4HD, Metal Gear Solid Collection, Ratchet series, Jax series). No PS1/2/Vita games. Although I could probably make an estimate for something like VII, which is probably around 600-750k sold.

As for how the data is obtained... That is classified at the moment. Probably will tell later this year.

How did you make that estimate?