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Veknoid_Outcast said:
DanneSandin said:
Veknoid_Outcast said:


Yeah, I wouldn't like to see 3 Zeldas on the same system unless there's a thought behind that. I don't want it to become a new AC or CoD; but why not something aching to a Mass Effect trilogy?


That's...actually not a bad idea. A Zelda trilogy, if handled correctly, could be really good. Maybe each game could focus on a single piece of the Triforce?

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It would be awesome if they'd tried that again. A little anecdote:

They attempted it once, the games were going to be called 'Mystical Seed of Courage', 'Mystical Seed of Wisdom' and 'Mystical Seed of Power'. Or rather those were the project names at any rate, dubbed the 'Triforce Trilogy'. On of them, 'Power', was supposed to be a remake of the NES original with new story elements that would tie in with the other two. Canonically it would become a mess of course, because the original NES game would be retconned out of existence and the second NES game would become detached from the rest.  I think it's unknown if the other two would be based on the games directly tied to the NES original; ALttP and Zelda II. But anyway, that was not the reason they decided to cancel it.

The idea was to connect these games storywise, during the story of the other games. Making an extremely non-linear experience if considerd as a whole. Through connecting the three games, you would unlock the entire story in all of them. This is when it became complicated, and all kinds of sollutions were tried. They landed on a complicated password system to freely move gamedata and play one game at a time. However, they got in over their heads when the passwords too proved too complicated to work satisfactory across three games. This is when Miyamoto 'suggested' the developers to switch to just two games. Story elements remain, but with some rewrites to the stories of the now two games, these would become 'Oracle of Seasons' and 'Oracle of Ages'.

It is obvious that 'Seasons' was to be 'Mystical Seed of Power', as almost all of this game's bosses are directly out of the NES original. This is also supported based on the main color theme in-game and of the boxart (red), which means 'Mystical Seed of Wisdom' became 'Ages' (blue) and 'Courage' (which would be green) was dropped.

In Minish Cap, there is a side-quest involving the three 'oracles', and there are a couple of subtle quotes that hint towards the fact that only two of them got their own game, and the third was cancelled.

Nowadays, they probably should be able to do this on the WiiU as everything could be done through the savegames on the system memory. Of course, they could also just do a traditional trilogy where the games all stand-alone and follow each other linearly. I think it would be a cool idea, if they find a way to not make it repetitive and have each game have some kind of unique feature, or something .