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Hyrule Historia being #1 on Amazon bestsellers is pretty amazing, and unexpected!

About remakes, it really has to be Majora's Mask next. Currently replaying it for the first time, I had forgotten almost everything about the game, and it's really stunning. Now that I've watched (and loved) Twin Peaks in the meantime I can spot the inspirations too, very cool.

I'm not surprised they chose Wind Waker instead for the HD treatment - it's far more family friendly and sunny than MM, also the difference between its original graphics and modern standards is not as big as with the N64 titles. Makes sense that they remake those for the lofi 3DS instead, but it's still too bad.

Another thing that makes a MM remake a bit problematic, imo, is its creepyness! It's almost a horror game in parts, much worse than I remembered (actually it's too dark for my girlfriend). The abstractness of early 3D graphics attenuates this a bit, but what would a modern HD version look like?