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Awesome. An official Zelda thread .

Unfortunately I still have to wait a while before my copy of Hyrule Historia gets to me. I didn't find a Dutch retailer selling it, so I have to get it from the UK instead.  (EDIT: Found one now, but they take 7 days too and are a couple of Euro more expensive, so no real harm done ) German and French retailers also sell it, but they're more expensive. They're releasing it today I think, but it appears to be quite a popular item (naturally, why wouldn't it ), because it takes them a few days to ship them all.

Anyway, including the travel all the way across the North Sea, it should take the book about one an a half weeks to get here. Can't wait to see it!

@ Poll: Of course, I'd take anything and the Wind Waker HD remake is a day one buy, but for me they don't really need to do anymore remakes. Ocarina 3D is very well done and the Wind Waker will be too (and even the Four Swords DSi-ware remake), but the Zelda games are never better than on the console they were first made for. Plus, it's virtually impossible to 'remake' the NES games in the traditional sense of the word unless it becomes a '3D-Classic' for 3DS. Those games are so basic, you basically have to make a whole new game with all the additions they need. The only one that is still worth it is Majora's Mask.