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Asriel said:

My Hyrule Historia arrives today, and I'd love to see remakes of both Majora's Mask and the original Legend of Zelda. I really think a modern Zelda following the same principles as the original would work brilliantly on Wii U. Easier inventory management thanks to the Gamepad, huge open world thanks to the more powerful hardware, and finally, a return to the kind of subtle secrets you see in the original. Miyamoto wanted people to talk about Zelda, to ask people if they've found this or that secret, or where can I get this item, or how do I beat this boss. Miiverse is perfect for that kind of design and community interaction, and will level the playing field for those that want the help, while the purists can march on and discover the secrets themselves.

oh! That's a damn fine idea!! Imagine if you could take screen shoots and post them on Miiverse, and just tease with "I found a heart container around here somewhere". This could also send people running on an endless hunt for certain objects ^^

I also hope they add certain items you can find by searching, but that isn't neccessery to finish the game. They could make certain things easier, but you wouldn't absolutely need them.

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Furthermore, I think VGChartz should add a "Like"-button.