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First of all, a big thank you to axumblade for his authorization.

Second of all, welcome to the official Legend of Zelda thread. I know that official threads traditionally cover platforms or companies, but I think that there are enough fans of Zelda on this site to warrant an official conversation.

I will do my best to post news, previews, rumors, and any other media that pops up about The Legend of Zelda. And I encourage anyone else to do the same.

Post anything here that is related to Zelda:

1) Game reviews
2) Strategies and hints
3) Rumors and hypotheses
4) "Best of" lists
5) The latests news from Nintendo
6) Your own Zelda artwork, etc.

Welcome to the thread!

Note: news of the week will always appear in the second post in this thread, just below this post.

Zelda thread officers:

DanneSandin King of Red Lions
S.Peelman Kaepora Gaebora
Pavolink Great Deku Tree


Other Zelda threads:

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