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crissindahouse said:
Nem said:
Microsoft is even worse with 360:
  1. Gears of War - 4 (with Judgement upcoming)
  2. Halo - 4
  3. Forza - 4
  4. Project Gotham Racing - 3
  5. Fable - 3
  6. Dance Central - 3


Maybe someone else already pointed out, but yes Microsoft is the worse of the 3, as they limit the number of franchises they have. Also, im pretty sure there was an Xbox live Fable game in 2D. So you can rise that to 4 if you want.

I do agree though, Nintendo is highly criticised by something that the others seems to do worse. In the case Microsoft is clearly worse. Sony has a habit of creating new franchises every gen since most of them end up failing and they try something new, but i would say that they are the most of the safe side. It all depends on what they reveal for the PS4. If the uncharted series continues or gets axed like Jak series did and if the other series carry on. I guess they milk God of war already though. 2 per system.

i thought he already did that because fable 1 was for the original xbox so 3 fable games has to mean he included the pub game. i just wonder which third pgr game he is talking about because i know only 2 for 360 but would love to have a third one.

but if we start to count the fable pub game we should also start to count every game with mario as mario game, i don't think his list would look so good for nintendo and the milking argument then.

and as big halo fan i have to say please milk more but i would like to see some other genres in the halo universe..

Fable the journey is the third youre missing in that thought.