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*Sound Of Rain said:
Way too much Mario, even I'm getting tired of him

They are all very different games in terms of gameplay, but in terms of setting, and characters, they all have a lot in common. It's kinda annoying. IMO, they should of had 2D Mario, & 3D Mario and that's it. Putting Mario in everything certainly guarantees at least some success but it is a bit obsessive.

Mario Kart sells extremely well so there is no turning back now but IMO they should have just kept F-Zero as their racing game instead of abandoning it. I am very happy that Animal Crossing & Pikmin are different because they could of easily been Mario Life and 100 Mario's.

They seem to be getting a bit better though, hopefully Mario Party and the Mario Sports games are officially over in favor of Mii's. That might just be wishful thinking...

I agree. Although they really need to make a new Mario Smah Football for WiiU. You can't replace that masterpiece with Miis