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pokoko said:
KHlover said:
pokoko said:


That's funny. You know what Pikmin was based off? :D


I have never been less surprised in my life.

I'd also like to throw out here that I'm not really talking about sequels.  Games that continue a story or an adventure set in the same world don't really bother me--at least, until there is a significant drop in quality and you get that "what next?" kind of feel.  I'll be fine with another God of War, Halo, or Mario Galaxy.  Series like Forza or Gran Turismo are also exempt, as long as they keep moving forward.  It's when the characters are torn away from their game worlds and pasted all over everything else for the sole purpose of branding, that's what bugs me.

With Nintendo, you get the feeling that they look at the calendar and say, "we need another Mario game".  I don't really like that.  It's kind of the same with Zelda, where you get the idea that they're constantly sorting through unrelated ideas for something they can transform into a Zelda title.  It seems really cynical to me.

That's an interesting take. I actually feel the opposite. I feel overexposed to direct sequels that drag a story along for four or five games. Whereas I'm fine with series like Zelda, Mario, Final Fantasy, etc., which recycle a formula but don't tell the same story arc each time. There are exceptions, of course -- Metroid and Halo come to mind -- but generally I think two or three games is enough to tell a story.