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only people who think that crap like lady gaga is music will ask such stupid questions.

The answer is pretty simple:There are some good things out there,good movies,good music and good food,really worth buying to support those people and make it possible for them to keep up with their work.
Some "idiots" have always to pay for the rest and if only few pay the system will get in real trouble,just like PC games a few years ago(why pay for EA games?they have so much money!)=.High end machines but almost no high quality games
and the sales are still bad but thanks to to the "stupid" ps360 guys who pay for the games,they are ported to PC because a port is cheap.
The same may happen to the music(well,most of the bestselling music is bullsh!t and is just following the same primitive pattern(just like most bestselling shooters) but there are always some good things worth paying for them even if you don't need to.

There is a reason why people are ready to pay 5000+dolllars for a good music system,but those people know what music is.
People who are not able to listen to music,who just need some noise,because they don't like silence,will never realize what I mean.
You have to be aware of what you are doing(even if it is domething simple like listening to music),than you will be able to appreciate those things and only than you will be able to understand why people will pay for them.
It's almost just the same like charity:people give because they respect something and care about the life of other people.That's why they donate .Violent people who don't respect live don't do so and when they do so than just because of good PR.