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ps3-sales! said:

Honestly. Why do you buy music when you can download all the music you could ever listen to in your life, for free. I've never understood this. You say it's morally wrong. Well, if I have to be morally wrong and have money for food and other essentials then that's fine. You say it doesn't support the artists. You mean the artists that already have millions??? It's one thing to support an indie artist getting up on their feet, but if you want to listen to say, Lada Gaga. Why buy it? She has plenty of money, and most citizens do not. 

What are your thoughts on downloading music for free. Do you think it's wrong? If so, do you do it anyway?

My main thought: I download all my music for free with some exceptions. If I really respect a certain artist I will hand them my money. Some recent examples are the Journey and Unfinished Swan Soundtracks that I purchased through Itunes. Amazing stuff.

Ugh. Why do I? Because people deserve the money. Do you know how much you have to pay to get all the equipment needed for average quality and live shows? If you only know artists who can swim in their money, well, bad for you. That music mostly sucks anyways and is way below mediocre. It's the same with games btw. The real amazing ones that don't simply follow the pop route don't sell much but the "few" fans make all the work worth it and artists/developers can go on.