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Piernik said:
PS3 has the worst exclusives. Look at the sales. Halo 4 sold easly 7m units while all recent games from Sony flopped hard (battle royale, ratchet all 4 one, modnation racer, little bit planet karting, starhawk, twisted metal etc..).

PS3 design is horrible, awful CPU, awful ram, awful GPU. Thats why all multiplatforms are working so bad on this console. And now Sony is also ruining established franchise like Ratcher and Little Big Planet with awful games.

Lies. However, what it really means is : "I only have money for a Xbox360, I am too lazy to work and buy all the consoles."

I have them all and, let me tell you, no problems with 3rd party games, also, my PS3 works just fine.


PS: Except for WiiU, but I will buy it when the exclusives arrive.


In topic, I see your point in saying PS3 hurt Sony, because it was sold at loss for so long. I say make a console that can turn a profit, period. The objective is NOT TO GO BANKRUPT, of course they can´t beat microsoft, the company farts money, but Sony can still survive.

My grammar errors are justified by the fact that I am a brazilian living in Brazil. I am also very stupid.