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look at it this way, many 3rd party developer's  stated  the  PS3  Has been a nightmare to develop for, so for one their game engines were not designed for the PS3's system design anyway. this time is if Sony does make use of 3rd Party Game engine friendly Hardware, will it really matter if Microsoft put's out a more powerful system than say the new PS4? or what ever their going to call it. for one Do you think Microsoft will get really anymore 3rd party exclusives based on it's hardware, and Not some deal with a contract, just like sony and Nintendo also do. without some deal the 3rd pary is going to put their software on as many platforms as they can to make profit off of investment. which is getting more expensive anyway. these platforms are mainly made for inhouse teams pretty much anyway. because it's the 1st party that defines your platform, unless the 3rd party makes an exclusive or you pay to have one made. with the cost's that are now, and the increased cost's for next generation 3rd party exclusives will no longer really be that viable unless your company pay's for them.

Thus, investment into your own 3rd party will give you that ability to define your platform even if it's not the most robust platform out there, with digital downloaded content being a very console centric function this generation, would you see many just letting that content go to waste next generation, if the consumer like's the series if a new part of the series get's released on the next platform as an exclusive.

Well to tell you what, Microsoft has done a Fantastic job in advancing the xbox as a platform. Not saying other wise, but this is not all a "every thing is all rose's" Kinda picture also. 

The larger Problem for Microsoft is not so much Sony or Nintendo, it's going to be it's own fanbase. 

This is not against the xbox360 fanbase as a negative, because my family owns one, what I am talking about, is what to expect from the fanbase moving forward with support of more than one xbox platform on the market at the very same time. 

Now that does not mean that the xbox360 will not still be used, No what i am talking about, is when the next xbox 720 or what ever Microsoft call's it. what happens to Microsoft's xbox360 in the market in 
North America? 

Both Sony and Nintendo have already proven that they can support more than one playstation and more than one Nintendo console in the market at the same time, Microsoft has yet to prove such a daunting Task. 

The fact that Microsoft will have it's new xbox on the market in a year or two, the Question to ask is what's Microsoft's attempt on support for the xbox360 will be when the next xbox get's released? 

if Halo is the main stay , along with Forza, and Gear's, and other ip's, will Microsoft keep putting in a real effort for the xbox360 even though the next xbox will be out, not just one year but multiple year's for the xbox360 or will microsoft Move on if the install base move's to the next xbox "720" or what ever they are going to call it. would many xbox360 current user's look at the next Halo being only a "720" exclusive what about the xbox360 Halo "spin off than"? 

will the install base keep the xbox360 as much as a viable option for Microsoft as much as they would for the next xbox? 

truth be told, deep down, I do not think so. While Microsoft has great games, i just do not think the xbox fanbase will support TWO xbox platforms at the same time, and i think Microsoft know's this. So i think that Microsoft may regulate the xbox360 as the go "to" casual box for Microsoft, while the next xbox is for the core mainly. but the point is would the instal base of core xbox platform player's support this move. once again i doubt it. 

that is a problem Microsoft has that Nintendo and Sony do not in my opinion

that's what I think is the real Question, can Microsoft's install base keep two xbox platform console's viable at the same time?

its less about power and more about the install base of each platform , the question would the PS3 user's move on to next xbox for no other reason other than "its the most robust in it's hardware" or go with the platform's iP's they like the most!

Is it more about Power for the Playstation  install base?, or is it more about the game's for the Playstation install base?. 


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