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EdHieron said:

The Absolutely Worst Thing Sony Can Do in the Upcoming Console Gen is Release a Moderately Powerful Console

Reports and rumours keep coming in that Sony is only going to release a moderately powerful console next genwhile Microsoft is going to release a much more powerful console.

In my honest opinion, that is the absolutely worst move that Sony can make.  Why?  The Playstation 3 became ( or will become) the Second Bestselling console of the 7th Gen by delivering far superior third party content to Wii that was on a par with the 360 while at the same time delivery breathtaking exclusives like "Uncharted", "Metal Gear Solid IV",  and the upcoming "The Last of of Us" and "Beyond Two Souls" that were graphically and technologically far superior to anything that had ever been released on consoles before. 

If Sony only delivers a moderately power console next gen and Microsoft releases a significantly more powerful console next gen, then expect all of those gamers that picked up the PS3 to have experiences like those mentioned above to favor the significantly more powerful console next time and move to Microsoft's next console.  Also, don't expect Sony to get anywhere near the third party support it did this gen as most Western console gaming deelopment would be geared toward the only console actually on the bleeding edge of technology next gen ( if Sony goes the moderate route) the Nextbox.

And on the other hand, since the Wii U will be cheaper and has a lineup of gaming content aimed at more casual consumers that are less interested in being on the cutting edge of technology ( than the types of gamers that fueled the Playstation 3's success ie. fans of games like "Uncharted", "God of War",  "Beyond Two Souls", "MGS4", "GT5", and acceptable versions of cutting edge third party games) a Plystation 4 that was only halfway between WiiU and Nextbox in specs simply wouldn't fare that well against either Wii U or 720.

I sincerely think the worst move Sony can make is to only release a new console that is only moderately powerful rather than going all out and releasing a console as powerful as the next Microsoft console  is rumored to be.  They would lose most of the audience that the PS3 had to 720 (due to exclusives that wouldn't be able to run on hardware that would wow like PS3 exlusives and the loss of third party support to the more powerful Nextbox) if they did that and the type of gamers that make up the typical Sony audience and the exclusive games that make up the typical gaming experiences on Sony consoles just aren't the same types of exclusive games that appeal to the typical Nintendo audience that usually tend to do well for Nintendo regardless of technical specifications and versus a significantly lower priced Wii U.

What do you think?

It's simple.  release a console that is what 360 is to PS3.  That is, less powerful but still gets the 3rd party support.  Sony and third parties have a good relationship and they won't ignore a Playstation (home console anyway).  They won't bother to take advantage of nextbox's power much like PS3 hasn't been taken advantage of other than by first parties.  People forget it's been 6 years.  Even if they release a console that has moderate specs by todays gaming PC standards, it'll still be miles ahead of what PS3 was and the RAM issue will most definitely be resolved.  Not to mention ND, SSM, Sucker Punch, MM, and all the other top notch first party studios will deliver fantastic exclusives that will wow people graphically.  I mean Halo 4 was wowing people and that was on a less powerful system.  Expect the next Uncharted to look stunning even if the hardware isn't as good as nextbox.

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