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Just because the American market or PC gamers want better grathics better grathics doesn't mean the Japanese market will follow.

The only reason why the PS3 was more powerful than the 360 is because Sony wanted to see what was the big deal that Microsoft's Xbox 1 had better grathics than PS2. But the Xbox 1 had no games so the PS2 was the console king it realy does not make a difference. Look at the Nintendo Wii not selling much anymore but has won against 360 and PS3.

Yes the PS3 has better grathics like the games I like. Like Uncharted Franshise, Killzone Franshise, Wipeout HD and plenty more probably even THE LAST OF US comming soon. Grathics don't mean anything. Original Xbox VS PS2, PS2 had less better grathics but sold like a BOSS because of the many great franchises. Xbox = no games did not sell.

The PS3's grathics is nicer to look at but that's not the case it's because the PS3 gets more first party exclusives than Microsoft every year. The PS3 only suffered at the start from no games hard to make games on PS3 but now developers are used to it.

PS4 will be much more powerfull than Wii U but much less powerfull than next Xbox.

Which means Sony is going to do better than Microsoft and Microsoft will do worse than Sony because Xbox has less games than Sony's PlayStation brand. 😀