retroking1981 said:
Even if it sells 50k per week for the next 11 weeks (till the end of March) it will only sell an additional 550,000 bringing its Total to just under 3m.

We don't even know if its stabilised at 50k yet, it could drop further.

Whats coming out between now and the end of March that could even boost sales?

3m SOLD... there is still likely another million on shelves and that SHIPPED figure is what Nintendo is looking at. Which is why I am thinking at best Nintendo may lower their estimates to 4m.

There are games coming out, but not sure if I'd call them system sellers.

Rayman is the bigger exclusive that is also new.
Few other multiplats.. nothing major.
MH3U is an enhanced port of a last gen game, so yeah good, but really only for Japan and its already out there.

Basically, it should simply hold steady, hopefully.