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Kantor said:
Kasz216 said:
Kantor said:

I do accept that I have a considerably more liberal view of this than most people, but there is literally zero correlation between video game and real world violence, and the only reason I can see to keep a game from a child is if it will cause them mental trauma. Halo will not.

That's generally not true.  There are a number of studies that show a correlation espeically when focusing on M rated games, 18+ games, shooters in general or games with specific violent factors. 

Of course all that correlation shows is that violent angry people like to play violent angry videogames.  It should be no surprise that people who like to go out and punch people like games in which they punch people, and TV shows in which people punch people, and books about punching people.

In which case, Halo ought to attract the sorts of people who like to beat up aliens.

So, people who would be members of Cerberus if they were born 200 years later?

Your second paragraph is true, but the reverse of it is not. I love violent angry videogames, and I don't consider myself violent or angry, and some of the most violent and angry people I know are those who don't game or only do so casually (FIFA and such).

Well yeah, it's not like correlations are 100% things.

I'm just saying, there is science there, generally the main issue is that most people don't understand how scientific research and thinking works, so they try and ban things