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NobleTeam360 said:
Also I find it funny how our government is attacking Video Games now while still trying to ban guns.

Well i'll put it this way, while both stupid, there is actually a stronger research between violent videogames and violent crimes then gun ownership.  If you had to get rid of one by the numbers... it'd be video game.

It's still off because it doesn't adress correlation or causation... but at least it's still there.  (People who want to shoot people like to play games about shooting people?  Who would of thought!.  It's like sports fans who like sports want to play games about sports.)


Also... i mean think about it this way.  Would you give the most violent videogame that you can think of to a 5 year old?   If not... I think that alone would qualify violent games as a "problem" for some parents, since no doubt there are other parents out there who suck.