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tbone51 said:
VGKing said:
axumblade said:
Why do you think it won't?

I mean, I'm not saying it will, but we have no evidence in either direction whether it's going to be a 2013 or a 2014 release.

I recall an article where some of the developers.(some famous Smash Bros guy) said that he's going to make fans wait for it...

We'd probably get a reveal this E3 though.

Your right he is the creator of smash bros ( Mashiro Sakurai). The only thing this year with a big maybe is a demo at E3! There is no way this game is coming this year! If it did it'll be the Sonic the Hedgehog back in 06 for PS3 and 360 and we all kno wat happened then lol! I say summer time is the earliest we get it in 2014! I rather them take their time and perfect the game!

Yeah, I just hope they know what they do this time. Coming soon my ass :D