I think DmC is in a troubling position. We will have to see how it goes. I would have pre-ordered, but I already mentioned why I will not. Plus the incentives from Amazon/Gamestop are not impressive. I suspect the game will be good, but I will not buy until I am clear it runs smoothly.

I don't expect MGR to sell anywhere near what the solid games sold, but I hope it does well enough to encourage a sequel. Most people who like the traditional MGS games don't seem interested in MGR because of its hack and slash roots. I happen to like both, so I find it is a perfect combination. But plenty of people don't see it that way. I recently erected a thread on PS3trohpies for this and quite a few people stated similar sentiments (they like MGS, but are not interested in MGR due to a lack of stealth and emphasis on sword play). Unsurprisingly, most seem interested in GOW: A. I have a feeling GOW: A will do well. Whether or not it will eclipse GOW 3 commercially I can't say. But some people are skeptical due to the lack of details surrounding the campaign. While the MP looks fun, the majority of people are interested in the series for solo play and not MP. Maybe we should monitor the pre-orders after more details have been released closer to its release.


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