ghettoglamour said:

Has the series become irrelevant? Or maybe the whole genre of melee-based action adventures has become kinda underground?

God of War Ascension and MGS Revengeance are also doing pretty poorly imo. Personally I'm looking forward to these!

This genre used to be pretty popular back then, but now it seems like less and less people give a shit about it.

Besides God of War 3, all those kind of games have sold pretty badly this gen, imo.

I'm talking about good games like Castlevania Lords of Shadows, Enslaved, Devil May Cry 4 or Bayonetta. Even Darksiders.

What's wrong with them? Discuss!!

Considering that, with the exception of enslaved, all of those games are recieving sequels i'm pretty sure the genre itself is doing just fine.

DMC is definitely concerning though, especially since capcom expects it sell 2 million copies worldwide by march. With RE6 also failing to meet expectations i dont see capcom being in a very pretty situation come march.

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