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peachbuggy said:

This is where you are showing your ignorance. The smartglass and tablet ideas are indicative of what always happen in the games industry. Nintendo innovates then the other companies try to shamelessly rip the ideas off. 
Have you even held the Wii u gamepad? It is an amazing idea for a controller and holds so many possibilities with its multi input capabilities. I am positive Nintendo will find many ways to innovate with this setup, not so sure about 3rd parties. You just wait till 1st party games start coming regularly, Wii u will be fine.

You need to work on how quoting works...

Ignorance? When did I say that MS or Sony were not copying Nintendo? Please do not throw terms around so incorrectly as I never claimed originallity or used it in my argument. I simply said it is not a unique feature of the Wii U, which is a fact.

Wii U will not be fine. It's power draw is too low and puts it squarely in this generation; there has been no "PGR3" for the wii u. Therefore when the next-box is revealed, if it has a significantly higher power draw, the wii u will be left with the 7th gen, and not seen as an 8th gen console, as it won't be able to keep up with the other consoles. Joining the 7th gen party 7 years late is a very big mistake. Most gamers are not going to get a wii u when most of their friends/franchises are already on their existing console(s).