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peachbuggy said:

While it may be amazing for you to believe, most gamers aren't interested in this "tiny increase" you are talking about, which i'm assuming you mean processing power. A lot of gamers will buy the Wii u for its Nintendo franchises, others will buy it for its innovations, something you won't find elsewhere.

Actually you just backed up what I said - the people who want the wii u are existing die hard fans of nintendo, not jimmy-who-lives-on-CoD.

Innovations? What innovations? Don't forget about smartglass and the vita/ps3 hybrid...

End of the day, the controller setup is tried, tested and now tired. We need something radically different. Motion controls are not radically different - they are just baseless joysticks. If we are to have motion controls, we need sensory feedback so that you feel as if you are holding something and feel your sword rebound off of a solid surface. Adding a 2nd screen is just nothing special whatsoever.