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Viper1 said:
Mazty said:
Viper1 said:
You're crazy.

It depends. If the first few months with 2013 are littered with announcements for new iphones/samsung phones/next box etc there is a chance that the wiiu could sell less then 7m. A slim chance though as it's already hit 2m. I estimate that the life sales of the WiiU will put it somewhere inbetween the GC and N64, as long as 2013/2014 sees another console release and a continued popularity in iPhone/Nexus/etc products. 

I actually don't think those things will matter very much.  The people that want a Wii U are not going to suddenly decide not to get one just because some new phone (with the tiniest increase in something new over the last phone ) was announced.

New console announcements....maybe.   But largely it seems that consoles sales tend to be not be deterred too much by competitor consoles these days.   All 3 last gen consoles over 70 million.  

The thing is you have to consider who wants a wii u. All I can think of is die hard Nintendo fans. Anyone who is a casual who enjoyed the wii is probably more inclined to play on a tablet/phone then cash out on a console. Are there really many die hard Nintendo fans left? The Wii would have deterred many new potential fans by offering the least of the 3 systems, meaning that gamers will most likely already have a 360/ps3, and therefore why upgrade to something which ash the "tiniest increase in something over the last" console?