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Mr Khan said:
NiKKoM said:
Mr Khan said:
I would seriously reconsider wanting to buy it if it had a 30-day limit like Pikmin 1. I've been thinking about giving Pikmin a chance, but i really don't like games with overarching time limits (that's also what scared me clean off of Majora's Mask, which i've never mustered the guts to play)

uhm.. is that for real? I don't believe you... if so I don't wanna be the one who is gonna tell him..

I know about the Song of Time, if that's what you mean. I actually have "played" Majora's Mask before, but it was me borrowing a friend's cartridge just to dick around with all of the masks (including Fierce Deity), but i still don't like the idea of time management.

i'm not particularly fast or good at gaming (skill wise) but i didn't feel overly pressured by the time limits in MM.  i wouldn't let that scare you away from what is arguably the best LoZ ever made.