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nnodley said:
Good review. I haven't finished the story yet so I didn't read that part. I have not encountered a glider taking a nose dive on its own yet. Everything else seems great to me. My favorite mission so far is when you use the flamethrower. That along with skrillex: make it bun dem featuring damien marley was just awesome, IMO.

Have you not played any multiplayer or co-op yet? I played one mission for the co-op and it was pretty good, it definitely helps add a little replayability to it. The one mutliplayer match that I played was also pretty good. It's one of the first multiplayers that I am actually wanting to play for a while

So far I'd give the game 9/10 and is my GOTY

I don't have the online pass so i don't know about the multiplayer but i really hate co-op but thats my opinion