Legend11 said:
Why are so many people wanting to troll this topic? The 360 is BETTER at the things mentioned, end of story. If you don't like that fact it's too bad because your personal opinions about how important those points are and predictions of the future change nothing about the points made in the original post.

There are way too many insecure fanboys that get worked up whenever any kind of paise is given to the 360, it's pretty sad really. Every console does some things better than their competition so take off the fanboy blinders and accept it.

 Whether or the 360 provides the better online experience depends on the user, now doesn't it?

The 360 being better at it is not fact, it's opinion. One person's idea of good, bad, better, and worse doesn't encompass the entire world.

Most gamers just want online gameplay and could not care less about the features that the article is praising, and the fact that Sony and Nintendo are offering it for free nullifies those all of those points as far as they are concerned. 


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