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1. Metroid Prime, GC (2002) Nintendo/Retro Studios

What can be said? Although it took me a while to adjust to navigating in first-person, the excellence of this game really stuck with me in time, with breathtakingly beautiful worlds complemented by perfect music, a solid weapons selection, compelling lore, and vicious enemies. This game followed the "Super Metroid" style of progression, where if you didn't work hard to do some sequence breaking, you had to go in a straight line, but the game did not make it easy to tell where exactly you had to go next, often giving you a blip on an otherwise blank map as your target and forcing you to figure the rest out as you went along, an ideal balance of telling me what i need and yet giving me independence. The excellence of this game (and Super Metroid) is what keeps me eagerly awaiting the next Metroid game, knowing that the franchise has this potential to excellence.

Thanks to smeags for making all this crazy shit possible.

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