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2. Sonic Adventure 2, GC/DC (2001) Sega/Sonic Team

My first Sonic game, and the reason for my enduring love of 3D Sonic games. But it's not just an issue of getting to me first. Sonic Adventure 2 has several superlative qualities. The first is the quality of the platforming/speed combination in the Sonic and Shadow sections, which really balanced speed and actual platforming with care and quality that was matched only by Sonic Heroes. Not endless speed like Unleashed and the games that followed, but not as sloppy as the original Sonic Adventure, it really captured the Sonic essence in 3D. Secondly, i enjoyed the variety. I loved the treasure-hunting sections (unlike most) and enjoyed the more battle-oriented mech-walker segments. Even beyond that, the game had kart racing, the chao garden, many missions, and the ultimate prize: Green Hill Zone.

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