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KylieDog said:
The only positive thing about Other M compared to the previous entry in the series is they finally gave Samus a voice and turned her into an actual character. Silent protagonists should be restricted to games where you create the protagonist, mainly RPGs.

However, negative things:

- The voice actress used/quality of voice work
- Story, the entire thing but especially the Ridley moment as well. Could fill a page or two with story issues.
- Upgrade 'mechanic', though this ties in with bad story.
- Inferior graphics to MP3
- Dumbed down gameplay
- Broken gameplay (just spamming D-pad is like god mod for most of game and you get powered up weapon for it in addition)
- Less exploration
- Dodgy first person controls.

it's  not god  mode, simply samus doesn't  have much trouble  with some  weaker creatures besides, samus  is supposed  to be  really powerful, the voice acting is  bad,but  doesn't really take  that much from the  game , the game is  fun to play, the  exploration is  not  the point in this one game,is  like forcibly wanting mask trading in all the zeldas , it  was the  point of  one  of  the  games  not necesarily for all of  them, they decided  that combat was  going  to be  the main thing in this  one so thats  what they made a game  with good  battles , but i get it i only played  it  like three times, and  in the  prime  ones i got  lost for hours and hours just  exploring,that's  something i really loved about prime especially 1