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shiackz said:

metroidking said:
The game sucks plain and simple, there is nothing I can actually say which is good about it. Anyone who says different is lying to themselves and just psychologically told there mind that they like it. Why do I say that? Whats the best game in the series Super Metroid its the pinnacle of the franchise and Other M does everything opposite to that game.

Exploration - The main center of Metroid and there wasnt any! until the end of the game

Controls - Controlling a character in a 3D environment with a D Pad which is just annoying

Graphics - These are subpar and a step backwards after Prime 3, Also it p!ssed me off that they sexualised Samus and gave her big boobs and this curvacious figure.

Soundtrack - Oh God! Another important part of Metroid games are its atmospheric soundtrack. This soundtrack was terrible the only decent track is the Vs Ridley theme

Story - Horrible Samus is a whiny b!tch. Leave her as a silent protagonist. There doesnt need to be much of a story in Metroid games. Its not that type of franchise.

I really pray they dont do something so stupid like this with the franchise again. Thankfully the game flopped so Nintendo can go back to the drawing board. Word is Miyamoto is involved if there is one person who can redeem the franchise its him.

samus has always had a good figure go play the older metroids and finish with good percentage to check that, another thing she didn't whine that much don't exagerate, i agree exploration was gone but come on it's a different metroid , fusion didn't have any and was awesome too the main point here i the combat wich is really good as for the graphics they are great , everything isnice and polished and acompletely different style from prime , it's another game why would it look the same , anyway it's your tastes so okay but don't go saying that nobody should like it just because it's not prime or super metroid


Theres a difference between having a good figure and looking like a girl out of a playboy magazine. Look at the prime games, Retro didnt overly sexualise her. Fusion had a linear path but it still had some exploration, like finding the security locks. Also what Fusion lacked in exploration made up in atmosphere the added tension of the SA-X stalking you really gave the game something no other Metroid has done. Other M does neither of these. I dont expect every metroid to be the same definitely not but prime 2 and prime 3 deviated from the typical Metroid mechanics but still stayed true to its roots. I mean you dont even get power ups in Other M which is a staple of the series thats like Zelda not having dungeons its just absolutely insane that Sakamoto did that but as I said we will probably never see another Other M due to it underperforming.