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Chandler said:

shiackz said:

Chandler said:
I really like Other M but the characterization of Samus is miles off. I don't mind the high heels, the bigger bust and dat ass (not at all...) but the submissive nature Samus is depicted towards Adam Masculinovich and her inability to face Ridley without being terrified is just so so wrong. It's still a good game though.

haha check the comic i tagged ,she has always been scared  of ridley, and besides  she was scared  like  for a second

It was more like half a minute in which Ridley managed to dispose of Anthony until at the end he was like "nah, I'm not dead afterall"

haha well she was shocked that b***h ridley keeps harrasing the poor woman , anyway i think it was okay made samus look bad but she's only half human