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osed125 said:

I didn't mind the gameplay except for when you had to point the wiimote at the screen, but it wasn't as bad as some people make it up to be, at least imo.

What I really didn't liked about the game was Samus, didn't liked her voice and the stupid "baby metroid this, baby metroid that" shut up! That was so annoying. Just like Link, Samus must have stayed silent, no voice or just text (like Metroid Fusion). And I also think Nintendo put her as a "weak" character, I mean not using her suit powers because Adam doesn't let her is just stupid, they could have found a better way to not make use or her powers.  

yeah they didn't want to use  the usual lose all your  powers  thing, the pointing thing wasn't bad  for me the change  of  perséctuve  was  seamles in my experience, and  yes samus was whiny but  weak nah,  she had  issues but  she did everything it's not  like she  was  turned into cloud  of ff7  just whining all the  time