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Well i been suffering in silence  for along  time , i tought i was  the  only person that liked Metroid  Other M (apart  for  the  other million people that bought it).

And  i've  been wondering why do people  think it's  so bad, i'm not a newbie with metroid  i basically have  played and  finished all of them (except the second one in gb) and i know  it's  not  abad game  by any means, the  combat is  great, it's  fast and just like  samus  would  fight if  you control her right nothing can stop her, and that's  what samus  is supposed to be a unstoppable  bounty hunting machine, so the  essence  of what samus  is  is there, a lot  of  people complained about  the story how  samus  seems  weak ,and  whiny, like a little  girl  and  that it  takes away from the silent strong woman we  now.

But  is she weak?  i mean she get's  the  job done, she cares about her comrades? well why shouldn't  she she's  human after all, and about  following orders, well in that one  i don't  know haha , but anyway she's  not  weak or  whiny that's  what happens  when you get your parents  murdered  in front  of  you, and she  managed  to keep strong and  fighting(like  batman) for reference  heres' the origins  comic

 I think people  see  to much into it , and forget to enjoy the  game  the game  is awesome, the fights are  thight and  the controls  too, ridley is  badass here,and well the exploration was  there in a  more  simple  way but , overal i think this game deserved  better , it was a  different take  on samus, and  a good one  imo so i think people should  give  it a second chance and play it  upscaled  in their wii us haha