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4. Batman: Arkham City (PS3)

Arkham Asylum was like Metroid, and Arkham City has taken another Nintendo series for inspiration, that being Zelda. Arkham City is a lot more open than its predecessor, and each building that you explore is like a Zelda dungeon (some being larger than others), with the city being the equivalent of Hyrule. Put those thematic comparisons aside though, and the game stands firmly and proudly on its own two feet. It's a joy to play from start to finish, with a large amount of content both within the main story, and with the various sidequests, including a massive amount of Riddler challenges. The one big problem with Arkham Asylum was that the island was a little too self-contained, and you rarely got to try out Batman's gliding capabilities. That is fixed here, as it's eventually possible (with the correct upgrades) to glide from one side of the city to the other without touching the ground. That improvement is vital in the idea of the game. You are Batman, now go beat up the bad guys.

Clue for 3. Now with added dinosaur.