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5. Super Mario 64, N64 (1996) Nintendo

This game is the cornerstone of my collection, the first game, received for my tenth birthday, but also the game i played most before i got into gaming, more or less the entire reason i'm here. The bright colors and music were what largely drew me in, but what i found on the other side was a fun game about the challenges of getting from point A to point B. This game also spoiled me: i have a low tolerance of poor camera work (although it isn't a game-breaker for me, as future entries will show), because Super Mario 64 was the first full 3D game to really get camera control right, and its standards should at least be the minimum for all 3D games since. Neat little secrets, lots to do, surprisingly epic boss battles for its primitive era, this game is a standard against which i subconsciously judge many games, in related genres or no.

Of course, the early programming allowed for some insane shortcuts

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