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6. Fire Emblem: Radiant Dawn, Wii (2007) Nintendo/Intelligent Systems

Here we've got a long game, longer still than Path of Radiance, it's direct predecessor, but this is another case where length does not lead to boredom. Compelling chapters, one after the other, leading to a game roughly 50 hours in length per playthrough. The story ramps up the intrigue from the old Path of Radiance, taking multiple storylines, tying them all together brilliantly, and leading up to a showdown with the very Goddess that you believed to be the sacred savior of all peoples. They balanced out a few elements that weren't quite there in PoR, though in some cases they undermined other things, with the non-legendary laguz being less useful than they once were, but then there is the legendary laguz, a third promotion tier, special moves for everyone in the third promotion tier, deeper weapon customization, and lots of great characters.

The game also had some thrilling battle music.

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