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8. Mario Tennis, N64 (2000) Nintendo/Camelot

A few of the games in my top 10 were simply the right game at the right time. This was one of them, right for a time before the gaming tastes of my friends and i diverged, right for a time when i was content to play basically the same thing over and over again, right for a time when i was obsessed with cheat codes (so the special tourneys really grabbed my attention). This game had a lot going on, between crossover compatibility with the Game Boy game, allowing you to bring on your character, plus all the modes of gameplay, an engaging tournament, murderous difficulty on the high end of the star tourneys, and introductions to many notable Mario characters for newer gamers like me, such as Baby Mario, Daisy, and Birdo (really, this game is responsible for bringing Birdo back. And for pairing "her" with Yoshi for whatever reason).

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