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9. Super Mario 64 (N64)

Mario 64 was a revolutionary game for its time, and not just within the Mario franchise. There were a couple of other attempts at dragging platformers into the 3D era at around the same time, but it was Mario 64 that showed how it should be done, and became the standard for all future 3D platformers to follow. It introduced numerous new elements to the Mario series, most notably a more open structure, and also the addition of a central hub that you're free to explore and discover a few secrets within at your leisure.

I'm probably not going to be online again until the 27th, so I'll leave clues for 8-5 here.

8 - Like Mario 64, this game was the first 3D game in its series.
7 - Turns out he can be an astronaut as well.
6 - Rare's finest moment in a series now developed elsewhere.
5 - Nintendo's ray of light during the Gamecube era.