VGKing said:
outlawauron said:
I'm shocked that people still don't understand why its being made. They spent so long on XIII, they were forced to re-use a lot of the assets and the work put into the world with the sequels. This has resulted in much lower costs and much quicker dev times. A perfect storm for them and Lightning Returns will sell a nice 2 million+ lifetime and they'll be happy at home.

What about protecting their IP? Putting out a game when you KNOW it won't sell well and when it will get bashed by reviewers. They are damaging the Final Fantasy that worth a few extra profits?

The thing is that one could assume that after XIII they would stop it right there and focus on Versus, XIV and XV. But, then they started with the sequels, and people somehow responded well to them, it appears that they have a really strong IP that will sell even if their previous iterations are not at a great level. Yes, they may not sell XII numbers, but they sold way more than they deserve.