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selnor said:
Pjams said:
selnor said:

Really impresed with the graphics and gameplay. Seems to be missing some of the previous PC footage textures and lighting. But still utterly beautiful.

Oh shit, last time you showed up you were ranting and raving about smart glass, the only one that wasn't aware of the idiotic argument was you. Then again, commercials and product placement exist for a reason.

At least you joined the masses on this one, genius 


(And update your fucking avatar, can't even get that right)

Wait what? 

PM wit your answer. No need to derail a thread for no reason. I wont report you this time.

report me, go fuck yourself

I got nothing but disdain for you, a mindless parrot repeating whatever bullshit gets fed to you - I ususally reserve such animosity for religious fucks, but fanboys get equal treatment


How about giving us a critical opinion? Are you too simple for that? 

fucking brainwashed monkey

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*looks up* Someone needs some Christmas cheer. :3